High Heels & Skirt Mountain Climbing

Erin Ton grew up in Colorado, so was born with mountains in her body, mind, and soul.

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Only after going away to school in New York did she appreciate how much of the mountains she was born with.

In the summer of 2018 she hiked up Mount Elbert and that started summiting 57 of the Colorado "14-thousand footers" by August of this year.

Erin then wanted to try something different, so her creative mind though of doing Elbert again wearing heels she had only worn to a party.

Surprisingly she was able to summit Elbert in heels faster than she had done with hiking shoes just 2 years earlier. That was very symbolic for her how far she was come.

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She does bring plenty of bandaids and regular shoes for the brutal descents. Keep having fun and enjoying yourself Erin!

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