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  1. Rob Lay

    Chiropractors full of crap?

    This is very interesting. I'm open minded, I haven't been in a long time. I had a bad experience in High School went in for problems lower back and then my shoulder ended up hurting twice as bad.
  2. Rob Lay

    My New Hunting Ranch

    ha, I hate Okies, but love Oklahoma. :) My dad's first church after seminary in Texas was Pryor, Oklahoma. We lived there from the time I was 3 months to 4 years old, then moved to Kansas. There are quite a few hogs, but hopefully they don't overrun. They were hitting the spring hard this...
  3. Rob Lay

    My New Hunting Ranch

    Monday I just closed on a new hunting ranch, so I'll use this thread to document the process of setting it up the way I like. This is my 5th ranch to own (the others have been sold after the divorce). I really love working on them even more than the actual hunting. I'm to the stage now I...
  4. Own a Mining Ghost Town?

    Own a Mining Ghost Town?

    How would you like to be talking with your buddies contemplating the rest of your life and the idea of buying a remote ghost town comes up. :D This is exactly what happened with friends Jon Bier and Brent Underwood. Jon Bier, 39, owner of public relations firm Jack Taylor PR and Brent...
  5. Rob Lay

    what are you drinking?

    yes, that's a great bit of info about Famous Grouse, I have to try to now and compare. I'm sure I won't be able to tell the difference.
  6. Rob Lay

    What "basic" skills are you surprised that men don't have?

    you win! that's awesome. :) very well rounded know what is important and take care of it.
  7. Rob Lay

    Crispy Fried Fish Recipe

    Just posted what I did for a little more crispy fried Crappie. Please give your feedback for me to make recipe even better!
  8. Texas Crispy Fried Crappie

    Texas Crispy Fried Crappie

    Here is my take on fried fish. pre-soak buttermilk S&P eggs batter 3/4 part cornmeal 1/4 part flour sugar cayenne pepper paparika Meat Church - Honey Bacon BBQ
  9. Rob Lay

    what are you drinking?

    tonight just easy going evening at girlfriends house, Glenlivet 14 on rocks.
  10. Rob Lay

    Tomahawk Steak

    interesting, I've never done one, but want to try, the pics on the Big Green Egg page look great. you can see quite a bit of fat in this one too, did yours have more?
  11. Rob Lay

    What "basic" skills are you surprised that men don't have?

    ha, interesting topic! not only what you have experienced and haven't, but what each person thinks is really important and not. my dad wasn't mechanical and didn't do home improvement stuff, so I missed out learning many basics like that. hasn't hurt me I learned a bunch of car mechanics when...
  12. BEST Lemon Drop Martini Recipe

    BEST Lemon Drop Martini Recipe

    This is so simple, but arguably the best. 1/3rd part quality Vodka 1/3rd part Cointreau 1/3rd part sweet (simple syrup, fresh squeezed Lime, fresh squeezed Lemon) Mix and shake on ice!
  13. Rob Lay

    pics of your favorite actresses!

    I'll start, it isn't all about looks for me, I tend to like actresses that come off with a little irreverent attitude in their characters. The more they outsmart men and beat them at their own game, the better. Kind of how I'm guiding my daughter too in this "man's world". top of my list...
  14. Rob Lay

    Dating again after all these years!

    Great post! I have a pretty similar experience, but my dating window was pretty short as went from 25 years with ex back to a committed relationship (now 19 months) in only 3-4 months. I agree, why pretend to be someone you aren't if going for long term. No old photos, no doctored photos...
  15. Rob Lay

    who likes to hunt?

    My dad was a bird hunter, we sometimes hunted small game, but I never hunted big game until later. As a young adult a buddy I hunted ducks with all the time took me deer hunting and I was hooked! I haven't duck hunted much since. I have hunted White-tailed Deer, Mule Deer, Axis, Aoudad, Elk...
  16. Rob Lay

    what kind of grill do you use?

    love it!
  17. Rob Lay

    Site Bug Reports

    OK, I'm not experiencing any problems desktop or mobile on Safari. Try it on another browser?
  18. Rob Lay

    Site Bug Reports

    not sure what you mean, compared to FerrariChat or changed on here? Thanks.
  19. Rob Lay

    On the Road Again

    crazy, but I love it! pretty sure one of the Challenge racers last year had one to travel, saw it at COTA. anyone confirm if it was a n EarthRoamer or another brand?
  20. Rob Lay

    what are middle-aged women really like!

    5 Secrets Women Don't Want Men To Know monkey branching - women do wait to let go of a branch when they have already grabbed another quicker and more often than men think. there is no relationship equity - no matter what you've done for the girl, you aren't building any collateral for the thin...