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    Comment by 'digman1' in article 'Three Shirts to Try This Summer'

    Unless it's a car event, or around the house, T-shirts in guys over 50 are not a good look. In the heat, linen or light cotton bowling / hawaiian style shirts you leave untucked are my favorites.
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    Comment by 'digman1' in article 'The Top Ten Summer Drinks'

    I like the information. I don't like having to keep clicking to the next page, versus just scrolling down one page. Makes it seem like one of those Facebook click-baits where they give you a little information before sending you to the next page of mostly ads and little information. Just my...
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    Outdoors Ranch Work & Wild Hog Shot

    Do you ever try multiple shots when there is a big group like this? Good riddance to the worst pests out there.
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    Outdoors Hunt Ranch - pond 1 has a little water!

    One good gulley-washer is all you need.
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    Outdoors Snake Hides!

    I got sucked in thinking you were putting out snake hides they had shed. Thought it might be some kind of deterrent. Like the wives tale of putting a rope around your tent to keep them away. You actually want to attract them. Not my thang.
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    Outdoors Skidsteer & Hog Hunt - Part 1

    When I saw you up high on a pile, I'm thinking, don't turn her over Rob !
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    Grilling & Cooking Prime Rib on the Big Green Egg

    I am such a bad griller, that I now only do the reverse sear method with all our steaks. Cook steak at 275 until the internal temp gets to 125. Remove from oven, and cover with foil for a full 10 minutes of resting. After heating a cast iron pan to a high temp, sear both sides of the steak...
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    Grilling & Cooking Prime Rib on the Big Green Egg

    That looks tasty. What was your cooking method ?
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    Outdoors Hunt & Fish road trip w/Mia!

    That chicken parm look really good, as well as the lobster tail.
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    Outdoors 80 year old mom still hunts!

    Nice buck. She is amazing !
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    Grilling & Cooking Foodie pics!

    We both love Indian food. Home cooked ? Always looking for new spots.
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    Outdoors family Crappie fishing trip

    Your mom is so fun !
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    Grilling & Cooking Foodie pics!

    I'm guessing this is Moxie's ? The staff is usually really pretty, and dressed accordingly. Our office group has hit the Moxie's at the Crescent in Dallas.