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    Health & Fitness are vitamins worth taking?

    I'd say so, in the case of a multivitamin. If you have a varied diet you should get enough vitamins. During the winter I think Vitamin D intake should be increased unless you are outside every day.
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    Health & Fitness are vitamins worth taking?

    I used to take multi-vitamins, until I read several studies that showed little or no benefit. I do take Vitamin C & D, as well as zinc to boost immunity. I also take a few supplements - NMN and Resveratrol primarily
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    Fly fishing promotes violence toward women

    Oregon of course: Comes with a nice list of new flys to test ;)
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    Comment by 'RexTX' in article '10 Best Fast Food French Fries'

    I ate lunch at a Shake Shack in Dallas this week, maybe the first time for me. The burger was great, but the fries were better. crinkle-cut and crisp. I remarked at the time that I thought they were the best fries I'd eaten.
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    Easy way to follow the meme stock

    Pretty nice site for following trends on wallstreetbets
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    Business & Investments post your stock picks!

    I bought some biotechs in January when I heard about the (then local) Chinese virus. Did ok on them but bailed too soon. Would have done better buying TP :)
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    Business & Investments post your stock picks!

    Me too. Still buying and selling about every week though. Fidelity thinks I'm an "active trader". I have my stop-losses set pretty tight though.
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    Lifestyle Own a Titan II Missile Complex

    At least it's in Arkansas. I would have been interested when I was younger, but I was also poorer then too ;)
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    Lifestyle Own a Titan II Missile Complex

    Always wanted one of those. Build a nice but ordinary ranch house atop it. Helluva basement.
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    Lifestyle best memes

    LOL I had to stop laughing long enough to post one.
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    Outdoors 80 year old mom still hunts!

    Way to go Mom!
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    Business & Investments Man Forgets Password to $250+ Million in Bitcoin

    This is exactly why I never funded my coinbase account
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    Business & Investments post your stock picks!

    At my age I'm mostly an income investor, so dividend stocks is where I'm mostly at. But I do keep a decent account devoted to capital gains and speculation. I'm long and deep on TSLA. It's already made me enough to buy two Teslas. I think there is still lots of upside. I've been in and out...
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    Lifestyle The Billionaire Crop Duster

    Love this video. It's rare now to see crop dusters at work, but I always pull over and watch them. This man was doing what he chose to do, and doing it well.