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    Outdoors My New Hunting Ranch

    Mia and I enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at the land. 5 feeders filled, 1 moved, 5 cameras checked, and then she practiced with the 243. Snowmageden really got the rye going without any erosion. Barn is coming along great. Only problem still having drone issues.
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    Fly fishing promotes violence toward women

    ohh my! I didn't know they had such good names for flies! :D
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    Health & Fitness are vitamins worth taking?

    maybe file it under doesn't hurt, but maybe doesn't help that much either unless you are really deficient. :)
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    Health & Fitness are vitamins worth taking?

    I've taken vitamins off and on in my life, but not really sure they make a big difference. Harvard says no. Also the the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force in 2014 recommended against daily...
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    Lifestyle The Billionaire Crop Duster

    I bet, you can be perfect 99,999 times, but just takes once. :(
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    Grilling & Cooking Family Guy gets Big Green Egg right!

    :D :D :D
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    Lifestyle Own a Titan II Missile Complex

    GT has it for sale I think unofficially, something like $1.4 million.
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    Business & Investments post your stock picks!

    I agree, I'm just losing patience, I've been waiting for the correction a couple years. :D
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    Lifestyle The Billionaire Crop Duster
  10. The Billionaire Crop Duster

    The Billionaire Crop Duster

    Did you hear about the crop duster who turned out being worth $18 Billion and the 4th richest person in the United States? John T. Walton was born in Arkansas, October 8th, 1946. He was a star football player in High School, but then dropped out of College to play the flute and join the U.S...
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    Grilling & Cooking Foodie pics!

    Lobster Mac & Cheese w/Old Fashioned
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    Outdoors Hunt Ranch - new dirt work!

    Ohh, forgot to post the updates. They are done! 2 ponds, 1 plot, and the pad. Had 12 18-wheeler trucks of rock brought in too.
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    SR-71 Blackbird: The Fastest Plane Ever Built

    I love that speed check story! :D My personal favorite was in the Columbia 400 I could come in pretty hot and then start putting the brakes on at 2 miles. I was coming in hot behind a jet and they told me "Columbia 400 please slow down for jet ahead". :D
  14. Best Fishing Videos

    Best Fishing Videos

    Here we go ranking of the Best 5 fishing videos for ManLIfe in its first 5 months of existence. The focus so far has been on big Bass and bunches of Crappie. As you can see from the videos Grandma and Kids love to get in on the action too. Scroll through the video pages with the NEXT button...