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    Comment by 'Texas Maybe' in article 'Fish with your beer can'

    Did this with coke bottles when I was a Navy Brat. We'd go down to the docks and catch the heck out of fish with a coke bottle, line, hook, and hot dogs.
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    Grilling & Cooking Tomahawk Steak

    Mind had a lot of fat around the edges and the bone. Then there was a lot inside the seams of the meat. It’s hard to beat a tenderloin.
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    Grilling & Cooking Tomahawk Steak

    I buy all my meat at the "day old" counter. Kroger had a big Tomahawk marked down from $30 to $15, so I figured what the heck. I reverse seared it, and it looked great. Taste was okay, but man did it have a lot of fat. I'm not talking about marbling, but big globs of fat. By the time I trimmed...
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    Lifestyle On the Road Again

    I think I have found nirvana. With this muther trucker, I can go anywhere and tow a sports car behind me.