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  1. Rob Lay

    Health & Fitness are vitamins worth taking?

    I've taken vitamins off and on in my life, but not really sure they make a big difference. Harvard says no. Also the the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force in 2014 recommended against daily...
  2. Rob Lay

    Grilling & Cooking Family Guy gets Big Green Egg right!

    :D :D :D
  3. Rob Lay

    Lifestyle The Billionaire Crop Duster
  4. Rob Lay

    Business & Investments Can you name any larger financial trades?

    Here are 15 to start.
  5. Rob Lay

    Business & Investments Man Forgets Password to $250+ Million in Bitcoin
  6. Rob Lay

    Outdoors Mexico Hunt Live - January 2021

    Flying to Laredo this morning and then across the border to a remote 50,000 acre ranch. This is 4th time I’ve gone in 5 years. I love it. You see 5x more deer and bigger than United States. Also fun driving around on the high rack trucks you can see forever in the desert. I’ll be there until...
  7. Rob Lay

    Outdoors Hunt Ranch - new dirt work!

    The dirt work has started! I have a company doing a cabin/barn pad, (2) 4-8 acre ponds, and turning a beaver pond into a real small pond.
  8. Rob Lay

    Lifestyle Top 5 Articles ManLife in 2020!

    Here are the top articles at ManLife in 2020! #1 - 35,679 Views 10 Best Chain Fastfood Cheeseburgers #2 - 20,537 Views Historic Old Deer Camps #3 - 8,270 Views Abandoned Russian Airbase WITH MiG's #4 - 6,231 Views 10 Fastest Business Jets! #5 - 5,758 Views High Heels & Skirt Mountain...
  9. Rob Lay

    Lifestyle Interest in a NHL fantasy league?

    Season starts January 13th.
  10. Rob Lay

    Lifestyle Post Favorite Man Caves

    I will post my past and current ones soon. Here is a start I pulled from the internet.
  11. Rob Lay

    Lifestyle provide some wine recommendations

    I won a wine tasting from African Tradition Wines. I really like everything. I think Africa has some quality for $15-30 bottles that compete with wines much more expensive.
  12. Rob Lay

    Business & Investments post your stock picks!

    I'm not doing so great this month, I believe overall the market is way overpriced, but it still keeps going up. I think TSLA is way overpriced, but tough stock to stomach being on the short side. I was ready to pull trigger on stocks that were hammered by Covid, but I might be mostly late as...
  13. Rob Lay

    Outdoors Historic Old Deer Camps

    So much history going back more than a 100 years. What memories with family and friends going on for decades.
  14. Rob Lay

    Outdoors 80 year old mom still hunts!

    we had a good time last week, hunted hard for deer & hogs.
  15. Rob Lay

    Outdoors family Crappie fishing trip

    we had a great 3 generation trip. good quantity and quality.
  16. Rob Lay

    Grilling & Cooking Post your Turkey pics!

  17. Rob Lay

    Outdoors Largest Bass List from Lake Fork (Texas) in 2020

    Please discus the list from the following article.
  18. Rob Lay

    Lifestyle 10 Fastest Business Jets!

    Any mistakes?
  19. Rob Lay

    Grilling & Cooking advice for the best steak?

    so what is your personal advice for the best steak? here are my points, but I'm open minded to improving. quality meat only Salt & Pepper (S&P) Salt OK before, during, and after Pepper only OK towards end - you don't want Pepper to bitter highest grill temp you can get monitor meat temps here...
  20. Rob Lay

    Grilling & Cooking Deer on a Pole!