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  1. The Billionaire Crop Duster

    The Billionaire Crop Duster

    Did you hear about the crop duster who turned out being worth $18 Billion and the 4th richest person in the United States? John T. Walton was born in Arkansas, October 8th, 1946. He was a star football player in High School, but then dropped out of College to play the flute and join the U.S...
  2. Best Fishing Videos

    Best Fishing Videos

    Here we go ranking of the Best 5 fishing videos for ManLIfe in its first 5 months of existence. The focus so far has been on big Bass and bunches of Crappie. As you can see from the videos Grandma and Kids love to get in on the action too. Scroll through the video pages with the NEXT button...
  3. Greatest Individual Financial Trades Ever!

    Greatest Individual Financial Trades Ever!

    Long before Reddit users banded together to short squeeze GameStop into Billions of dollars, there have been some gutsy and huge wins in the markets. For all the winners there are losers, but for everyone that plays the markets it is very intriguing to hear those that had off the chart...
  4. Hunt Ranch - Pond Construction Updates

    Hunt Ranch - Pond Construction Updates

    Here are the recent updates with all the dirt work going on at the hunt ranch. Still a bunch of work to do, but gives you an idea what everything looked like before, large pond 1 completed, large pond 2 just started, and wildlife pond 3 somewhere in-between. Part 1 covers the just cleared pond...
  5. Remember these "Out of Business"?

    Remember these "Out of Business"?

    You can age yourself based on stores you remember that are no longer in business. Are you a little younger and remember buying video games at Circuit City or old enough to remember eating at Howard Johnson's Restaurants? Brace yourself for an interesting look over the decades of businesses...
  6. Rob Lay

    Comment by 'Rob Lay' in article 'Largest Bass List from Lake Fork (Texas) in 2020'

    congrats, I love that story! great fish, I'm having a hard time seeing the weight, how much was it?
  7. Typical Hunt Ranch Work Day

    Typical Hunt Ranch Work Day

    I kept the cameras rolling for an entire day as I did work around the hunt ranch. I edited the best clips from driving 100 miles to the ranch, meeting with the dirt company building my ponds, test shooting the crossbow & bow, filling a protein feeder, moving a trailer blind & feeder, and the...
  8. Top 10 Videos of 2020!

    Top 10 Videos of 2020!

    ManLife is only 4 months old, but we produced over 25 videos covering a range of topics. We had videos covering grilling, fishing, hunting, hobbies, reviews, and working your own ranch. We have selected the best 10 videos based on views and ratings. Please navigate through the NEXT button at...
  9. Thingamajig Tour

    Thingamajig Tour

    Take a minute to watch my expert experienced walkaround of the John Deere 333G skidsteer. :D :D :D
  10. Best Man Caves!

    Best Man Caves!

    Every man needs their space. To relax, to play, to just get away from the stresses of life. The common theme seems to be plenty of dark woods and leather that are welcoming to sit down with a drink. Beyond those basics some individual personality can be injected based on your interests...
  11. First 3 Months - Business of!

    First 3 Months - Business of!

    There has been the good, the bad, and the ugly! :eek: We launched ManLife 3 months ago and we have learned a lot. Check out the videos below to get an overview of what has happened so far. The 1st month we lost $14,460 with no revenue, but I show you how and talk about our goals for the...
  12. Historic Old Deer Camps

    Historic Old Deer Camps

    Long before the days of expensive hunting leases and internet scouting giving away spots, men would gather at the same place and same time every year. Ramshackle deer camps were usually built on small private lots with access to expanses of public land. The tradition of hunt camps goes back...
  13. Most Ruined Thanksgiving Meals!

    Most Ruined Thanksgiving Meals!

    You have planned Thanksgiving for months! Invites had been sent out to family & friends. Great Aunt Gina from Alaska booked her flight. You promised Uncle Bob from Mississippi that you would have a bottle of Whiskey on hand. All the food was bought days ahead. You planned and analyzed the...
  14. Top 5 Fancy Turkey Presentations!

    Top 5 Fancy Turkey Presentations!

    It is almost Thanksgiving, so although most of us will buy a turkey and keep it simple oven or smoker, let us give credit to those that go above and beyond! :D
  15. WiFi comparison old eero vs new NETGEAR Orbi 6

    WiFi comparison old eero vs new NETGEAR Orbi 6

    We compare the direct benefits of installing the new NETGEAR Orbi 6 system vs. a 2-year old eero system in a challenging 3-floor Townhome environment. Speed tests are run each of the 3 floors before and after.
  16. 10 Best Chain Fastfood Cheeseburgers

    10 Best Chain Fastfood Cheeseburgers

    What makes a great cheeseburger? It obviously comes down to taste, who cares how messy it is. :D Quality meat, perfectly cooked, fresh bread, fresh vegetables, and maybe a secret sauce? Browse through our Top 10 list of the best chain fastfood Cheeseburgers. If you don't agree, please leave...
  17. Best Steak on a Big Green Egg

    Best Steak on a Big Green Egg

    Here is a quick walk through of how I do my best steak on the Big Green Egg. 1) Quality meat 2) Salt only before and during cook 3) highest temp on grill 600-700+ on BGE 4) check internal temps with gauge 5) Pepper only towards end or after so it doesn't bitter in heat 6) Let sit...
  18. Rob Lay

    Comment by 'Rob Lay' in article 'Largest Bass List from Lake Fork (Texas) in 2020'

    I got you Fred, you can add images with the Attach Files button below or I can go find your pic on Facebook thanks!
  19. Largest Bass List from Lake Fork (Texas) in 2020

    Largest Bass List from Lake Fork (Texas) in 2020

    Lake Fork is known as one of the best bass lakes in the world, especially for large bass. Out of the 50 largest bass ever caught in the great bass state of Texas, 30 came from Lake Fork! Those bass range in size from 15.46 pounds up to the state record of 18.18 pounds. Fisherman come from...
  20. 10 Fastest Business Jets!

    10 Fastest Business Jets!

    So you or your company have the means to buy one of the most expensive business jets and you want it to be the fastest? The top business jets can cost $50-100 million dollars. If you are spending that much money you have very high expectations. Fly coast to cost nonstop. Fly over the...