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    This Indiana Building Was Rotated 90 Degrees While Occupied

    Does anybody know of any buildings that have been moved like this more recently?
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    Jeff Bezos vs. Richard Branson: Which Billionaire Did Space Better?

    Who do you think won the billionaire space race?
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    Michael Phelps Won't Be in the Olympics for the First Time in 20+ Years

    Hard not to be sad to miss out on watching an athlete like Michael Phelps compete this year. I'll be surprised if his records are ever broken.
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    Jeff Bezos is Launching Himself Into Space

    How much would you spend on a ticket to Space? I'm not sure it's worth $28 million + risk of exploding...
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    The Chicken Sandwich Wars are Here. And the Winner is…..

    What's your favorite chicken sandwich?
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    The Next Generation Stealth Bomber

    The renderings look almost identical to the B-2, what do you think?
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    Worlds Fastest (150MPH) Lawnmower

    I'd buy it for my yard, but I only have .2 acres...
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    First Round Draft Picks

    What were some of the worst picks of the first round? I was surprised to see Alex Leatherwood go as high as he did, even as a Bama fan.
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    Check Out This $340M Mega Mansion in LA

    Did they miss any must-have amenities for a $340 million estate? I didn't see any mention of a shooting range...
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    10 Best Fast Food French Fries

    Anybody disagree with the picks? Not sure anybody can argue that McDonald's doesn't deserve the #1 spot. :)
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    Ranking NFL QB’s by Super Bowl Wins

    At this rate I'm convinced Tom Brady will play until he's at least 50.
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    SR-71 Blackbird: The Fastest Plane Ever Built

    I think we should put a ManLife "GoFundMe" together and all contribute towards buying one of the retired SR-71's. I'm in for $20!
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    Quarantine Snacks

    Here's an initial list of quarantine snacks, did we miss any of your favorites?
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    Meet Jonny Kim: Navy SEAL, Doctor, Father, Husband, and Astronaut