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  1. Rob Lay

    best memes

  2. Rob Lay

    My New Hunting Ranch

    Anxious to get back out there this weekend. Hopefully Mia can get on a doe. Plenty of wildlife showing up the last day.
  3. Rob Lay

    Post Pics - Hunting & Fishing w/Kids

    quite the bass, especially for that far north! great job taking him out, I know Ben is hooked. :)
  4. Rob Lay

    Post Pics - Hunting & Fishing w/Kids

    Mia loves to Bass fish like I do, she's pretty good now sight fishing, casting far, and handling a baitcaster. She's also an expert at Crappie and likes them fried up! Mia's first hog. Her first big Gobbler.
  5. Rob Lay

    Post Pics - Hunting & Fishing w/Kids

    Post up your best photos hunting and fishing with your kids.
  6. Rob Lay

    Pretty Girls & Activities We Love (PG-13)

    OK, who wants a Hannah Barron noodling article? :)
  7. Rob Lay

    best memes

    this one just funny
  8. Rob Lay

    what are you drinking?

    Chinese liquor with girlfriends dad. It is very good and smooth clear rice liquor 52%.
  9. Rob Lay

    Pretty Girls & Activities We Love (PG-13)

    How about climbing Colorado 14-thousand footers!?!
  10. Rob Lay

    Pretty Girls & Activities We Love (PG-13)

    Post pics of pretty girls doing activities that men love too. Keep it PG-13! :)
  11. High Heels & Skirt Mountain Climbing

    High Heels & Skirt Mountain Climbing

    Erin Ton grew up in Colorado, so was born with mountains in her body, mind, and soul. Only after going away to school in New York did she appreciate how much of the mountains she was born with. In the summer of 2018 she hiked up Mount Elbert and that started summiting 57 of the Colorado...
  12. Rob Lay

    Foodie pics!

    So yes I was too lazy to grill last night, but I did good on the order ribs, lobster, and sweet potato. :D
  13. Rob Lay

    Best Breakfast Sandwich?

    Let me know what you think, I'm opening myself up to criticism calling it the BEST, prove me wrong! :D
  14. Best Breakfast Sandwich

    Best Breakfast Sandwich

    How to put together the easiest best breakfast sandwich. What can go wrong open faced french toast, mounds of pork, runny eggs, plenty of cheese, and a secret breakfast sauce. :D French Toast Layer (soak) Texas cut thick bread Milk Sweet condensed milk Eggs Nutmeg Cinnamon Vanilla...
  15. Rob Lay

    best memes

  16. Rob Lay

    Bachelor Pad Tour

    Check out a tour of the bachelor pad and some show & tell with the hunting and fishing trophies.
  17. Rob Lay

    Dating again after all these years!

    2 years of dating I've had a bunch and mostly good experiences. I'll start with hitting the gun range for maybe not the first date, but it is a good first month date.
  18. Rob Lay

    Dating again after all these years!

    All the single guys, what have some of your best dates been?
  19. Rob Lay

    Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome to ManLife too! Crazy talented with languages, Im a bee steel educating English ;) congrats on the kids! we'll have to get you in some relationship discussions soon! :D