Using Existentialist Philosophy To Find Purpose

What now?

Taking both Sartre and Camus seriously, I think there are two things we can all do next that might help us feel a little more sure of our place in the universe.

First, try to think of the foundational moral principles that guide your life. That can come from a faith, a philosophy, a code of ethics like those doctors swear an oath to, and so on. While you can’t be totally sure that those are the truth in an objective sense, they are, at the very least, lenses through which you can not only view the world around you, but also make sense out of the decisions that you have before you.

From there, make a choice. It will likely be a small one, a limited one, but it can be one towards some end that you have decided is moral. While that will not, probably, change the world, it is something good that you can hold on to in an uncertain world.

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