Largest Bass List from Lake Fork (Texas) in 2020

Lake Fork is known as one of the best bass lakes in the world, especially for large bass. Out of the 50 largest bass ever caught in the great bass state of Texas, 30 came from Lake Fork! Those bass range in size from 15.46 pounds up to the state record of 18.18 pounds.

Fisherman come from around the world to fish the hallowed waters of Lake Fork. There are more than 50 guides who remain booked most of the year along with all the boaters, kayakers, and shore fisherman. Everyone dreams of getting one of those Lake Fork specials.

This list is a work in progress to document the largest bass caught in the 2020 season at Lake Fork. There were no 13+ pound ShareLunkers caught and turned in to the Texas ShareLunker program, but there were several 10+ pounders to start our list. The next step was pulling results from all the bass tournaments at Lake Fork, which gives us accurate weights. We then reached out to our network of guides to document names, weights, and dates of the largest bass from their boats.


We expect that after reviewing this list, many will have other catches that need to be added. Please use the Comments in this article or follow the Discussion tab above to submit the name, date, weight, and picture of other catches to be included.
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