Hard Seltzer Review: TRuly Strawberry Lemonade


Today, I’m taking a second to review the Truly Strawberry Lemonade hard seltzer. I’m usually not a seltzer kind of person, but it was unseasonably hot in Miami today, so when I stopped for gas on the way home, the cooler in the back was calling me, and a strawberry lemonade sounded awfully refreshing.

As usual, I’ll kick off this review with a little bit about the drink in general and the company that produces it. From there, I’ll walk you through my tasting procedures, before finishing out with my thoughts on the drink as well as how I’d typically choose to enjoy it.

Truly Hard Seltlzers

Truly is one of the major players in the hard seltzer market. They make a range of products that aim to have low sugar, relatively low calories, and are gluten-free. In short, they’re appealing to a market of folks who want a light drink that’s not a beer but can be sipped and enjoyed cold like a beer, without the trouble of making a mixed drink on their own. To that end, Truly has a wide range of products: they make about a dozen flavors of the classic seltzer, as well as iced teas, pre-made margaritas, and a line of popsicles that I do fully intend to track down at a local grocery store.

Tasting Procedure

As I mentioned in the intro, I picked this up from a gas station. Sometimes, I’m the kind of person who likes to sit at my desk with a notepad and some fine whisky, looking for and writing down notes about oak and bogs. Today, it was too hot outside and I decided to sit by the pool and enjoy a strawberry lemonade from the can without any pretensions whatsoever about it. Considering that these are sold already cold, at gas stations, and ready to drink, I think this is about the way for a Truly Hard Seltzer to be enjoyed. This is not a beverage to overthink, it’s one to drink when you think it might be a little too hot out for a heavy beer that you already have in the fridge.

Tasting Notes

I found this strawberry lemonade seltzer to be extremely enjoyable. Most of the time with sellers, even non-alcoholic ones, I find that they’re lacking in flavor or taste a little off. Not so with this one: this tastes like someone made well-balanced strawberry lemonade and spiked it with a little bit of vodka, which was my plan b if I couldn’t find something that looked appealing in the cooler.

In a word, I’m pleasantly surprised considering that this was sold beside way too-sugary malt liquor and caffeine concoctions: this is something that I’d happily sip on while sitting by the pool, or at a summer barbecue with friends and family.

Final Thoughts

To keep things short and sweet: I recommend this Truly Strawberry lemonade hard seltzer, and I’d recommend that you consider putting them in your cooler this summer for camping, cookouts, and any other outside activity where it is both appropriate and legal to enjoy an adult beverage. It’s light, approachable, and not too sugary to make you feel sluggish after drinking a few.

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