Abandoned Russian Airbase WITH MiG's

The Smirnykh airbase was Japan controlled until after World War II when the Soviet Union took over control. In 1966 the airbase was updated and a few dozen aircraft like the MiG-23 were based there until the airbase was disbanded in 1994. A few MiG's and other aircraft were left there, assuming they weren't flyable.




Photo credit 'The Traveler Around'

Spookingly beautiful abandoned MiG's, abandoned hangars and runway, and the backdrop of Winter waiting on Spring to renew life. MiG-23's from this airbase were scrambled in 1983 when the Korean Air Flight 007 was shot down, but was actually a Su-15 from the Dolinsk-Sokol airbase which did the shooting.

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Sakhalin, Russia.
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