Airplane Graveyards Around the World

We have all seen pictures and even visited these large airplane graveyards where we're overwhelmed. Expansive spaces usually in dry remote areas that have planes parked time next to each other row after row. It is part mind blowing, historic, nostalgic, and that's before you even start adding up the dollars spent on these planes. Many are mothballed for possible reservice, some are kept intact for parts supplies, and others are just waiting their turn to be scrapped.

So this isn't just an American phenomenon, airplanes go to die all over the world.

Our first stop is east of Moscow at the Central Museum of the Air Force. There are over 170 planes and they did a great job setting it up for public display with a wide variety.


One of the largest facilities in Europe, houses mostly airliners in Eastern Spain at the Teruel airport.


The United Kingdom has a few smaller operations in Wales, Ireland, and the one below in Cotswold, England. Most of these smaller ones are more about a quick turnover of scrapping vs. longterm storage.


The United States is famous for some of the largest airplane graveyards. Many planes from around the world are made and serviced in the United States, plus we have areas that are perfect environments for storage. Impressive is the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base graveyard in Tucson, Arizona.


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