Beginners Introduction to Running

Running is a great way for middle aged men to get outdoors, be healthy, and even compete. If new to running be careful not to go too hard, too fast, too soon. Be patient as you work the speed and miles up so you can enjoy running longer.

The Benefits of Running!
  • get outdoors
  • physical exercise
  • can start from front door
  • mentally feel good
  • option to compete in races
  • very social activity
If you are new to running then you need to have the first goal of not getting hurt and discouraged. The way to overcome this is start slow and be patient with your improvement. Trust me, it will be VERY rewarding when you start settling in and see the improvements measured by pace, distance, and weight loss. Focus on these components to accomplish the goal of improvement, the 3 S's...

STRETCH - Don't hurt yourself stretching by pushing too hard and often you need to walk around a little to warm up before you stretch, but 5-10 minutes of gentle stretching will help you avoid injuries in your run.

SLOW - The #1 mistake is going out too fast! It isn't about going fast, it defeats the purpose if you risk injury and blow up after a short distance. Go out slower than you think you should and then see how long you can maintain the pace.

SHORT - No reason to expect to go a long ways, like running a 5k the first run. :) Just set short goals to start and then build up. Another tip is you don't have to run non-stop, it is OK to Run - Walk - Run - Walk. That is a great way for beginners to add distance more quickly.

For questions or your own experience and tips please post in the following thread:

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