Bored Farmer Punkin Chunkin?

So you are a farmer, it is middle of winter, you are bored, you are skilled mechanically, and you have a large pasture. What to do? How about creating a punkin (pumpkin) chunkin (chunking) machine? :D These machines can vary from catapults to gas powered, either way various gords can go flying up to a mile! Listed World Record Punkin Chunkin. There is danger involved, in 2016 two people were hurt and another woman critically injured when a compressed air chunker failed.

Accidents are rare and usually they go off without a hitch. Here is a short overview of current world record holder, American Chunker. In 2013 it launched a pumpkin 4694.68 ft!

There have been a few documentaries and reality series centered around the development and competition with these machines. Science Channel had several seasons of Punkin Chunkin, but production has stopped since the accident in 2016. It also appears because of Coronavirus there are no major scheduled competitions in 2020.

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