Historic Old Deer Camps

Long before the days of expensive hunting leases and internet scouting giving away spots, men would gather at the same place and same time every year. Ramshackle deer camps were usually built on small private lots with access to expanses of public land.


The tradition of hunt camps goes back to the beginning of man all around the world, but in North America there was an explosion of this tradition early in the 20th Century and especially following World War II. I believe more men being trained with firearms, men being comfortable in the outdoors, and the fellowship of men started in the military inspired many to participate in deer camps.

Searching the internet recently there have been some great video and article documentations of these old camps. The camps are still around, the deer are still around, but many of the original men have moved on or can no longer hunt. The stories today are being told by the children and grandchildren who have continued the tradition. These camps look the same as they did 60 years ago. The memories are still on the wall with game mounts, pictures, and the same old firearms within reach.

The smoke that currently drifts from the wood burning fireplaces has a new story and it slowly permeates the walls becoming one with the old smoke and stories.

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They have cleaned up the camp..I go by there alot..It will be for sale soon..What a history..The rocking chairs are still there..Prime hunting..Would be great to have..

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