Hunt Ranch Setup Steps

More and more people are looking for their own recreational acreage to hunt. Public land is more crowded and less available and outfitters or leases can be very expensive.

It means the most to call a place your own and maybe start a legacy for your family to enjoy. Whether you are retired or work in the city and just want to get away, there is something great about getting outdoors. Measured by day of work or years, it is rewarding to make progress and achieving results for your labor.

Follow along with the NEXT PAGE button below as I purchase 160 acres and slowly mold it into a property the wildlife and my family can enjoy more. :)

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Introduction Drone Tour

Follow along as I do a drone tour of my new 160 acres with some insight into the plans for the future.

Filling Feeders

Part of attracting wildlife is good food sources. Part of this is encouraging natural forage, but planted plots can concentrate wildlife more and Southern states with less growth you can have feeders.

Building Ponds

One of the keys for a hunting property is good water sources. One of the keys for a recreational property is good fishing. In this video we meet with the dirt company to plan out our ponds.

Hunting Blinds

After you work on a food and water source, then you need to get your hunting setups right. It is important to pick the correct locations, various wind directions, and the capabilities of the weapon and hunter. In this video I show my favorite trailer blind that is mobile, comfortable, quiet, setup for rifle and bow.

Operating a Skidsteer

Setting up your hunt ranch will require various types of equipment. Based on your needs it could include a tractor, dozens of implements, large dirt machinery, or in my case a skidsteer. I will eventually get a tractor, but early on a skidsteer will allow me to clear brush, light dirt work, and move rock around.

Daughter Hunts

Even after just a little work you can still take some time off to hunt a little. In this case my 14 year old daughter gets out there for a hog and deer double with a crossbow.

Dirt Work Started

The dirt work is well in progress and time to get a quick tour and some updates on the ponds, building pad, and food plots.

More Dirt Work

the dirt work continues.

Skidsteer Hard at Work

The skidsteer has been invaluable for getting the trails setup and plots cleared.

Family Time

The best thing about having the hunt ranch is quality time with your family.

Skidsteer spreading gravel

This was much harder than I expected! Hard to keep the blade even to be smooth plus it creates creases on the blade edge. Of course easier to smooth using backside of the bucket in reverse than catching with blade on front.

Placing Snake Hides

I put out over 20 snake hides on the ranch and daughter introduces our 13 year old California Kingsnake and 4 year old Grey-banded Kingsnake.

Moving Trail Blind & Wild Hog Shot

Part 3 from this ranch work trip. Final chore moving a trailer blind and a group of hogs walked in as I was setting it up. Luckily I had the 7 mag.

Girlfriend's Dad From China Shoots Wild Hog - 中国女友的爸爸射野猪

Girlfriend missed her opportunity at a wild hog, but her dad from Beijing, China was successful shooting a wild hog first time hunting and first attempt. 中国女友的爸爸射野猪

Drone Tour Ponds Before Filling

This was a few weeks ago before the ponds got any water, shows the bottom structure. There is now 10-15 feet deep of water.

The End

Check back often as we add more information in this series as the hunt ranch is developed.

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