Museum of Boulder


The Museum of Boulder will be a dynamic reflection of our community, a center where history is a resource for understanding our own lives and times.
  • We will safeguard artifacts that transport visitors to the past and materials that preserve unwritten histories.
  • We will balance curiosity about the essential themes of Boulder’s past with attention to untold and underrepresented stories.
  • We will encourage community creation and engagement, while offering inspiring space and historical context to reach a broad audience across generation, origin, identity, and creed.



The Museum of Boulder is committed to the following:
  • Relevance - we share power to create community-led exhibits and programs.
  • Discovery - we design spaces and experiences where visitors make new and meaningful connections.
  • Authenticity - we embrace unembellished and unfiltered local history.
  • Sustainability - we preserve Boulder’s history for future generations.
  • Excellence - we maintain the highest professional standards for every exhibit, program, and event.
The Museum of Boulder, located at 2205 Broadway at the corner of Pine Street and Broadway, is a keeper of Boulder's history, artifacts and stories and serves as a community hub for programming and events. Visit Website



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