Wine Review: Pacificana Syrah

This time around, I’m doing something a little bit different and reviewing a wine. To be clear: I am not, will not pretend to be, nor am I likely to become a sommelier. My wine tastes are simple, and usually cheap: I like dry red and white wines, and the occasional glass of bubbly when something good has happened recently.

Like most of the other drink reviews here, I’ll keep it pretty short and simple. I’ll introduce the producer of the beverage as well as a little bit as far as general information on the beverage goes. From there, I’ll walk you through my tasting procedure, give you some notes on what I experienced when drinking it, and wrap up with some recommendations on how best to enjoy this wine.

The Pacificanca Syrah was sent to me through a service called Winc. As best I can tell, they’re a subscription wine service that partners with wineries around the world to make a curated set of wines. This was from my second box from them, and so far, I’ve been impressed with the overall price, quality, and most of all, their customer support for the questions I’ve asked of them.

This particular wine is a 2018 Syrah from California. Syrahs tend to be fairly dry wines with nice fruit undertones, so it was right up my alley in terms of description and thus I ordered it as part of a box of four wines.

For the tasting, I uncorked it and poured a somewhat generous glass into a wide, stemmed glass, and then let it sit to develop scents and flavors. My glass is big enough that you end up with your nose in the rim no matter what, so as I go to take a sip, I also get the scents in addition to the flavors. From there, I simply swish the wine once or twice, then drink it. Again, not a sommelier, just a dude who likes wine and writing.

As far as tasting and scent notes on this one go, I found it to be a moderately dry red with notes of black cherry on the aftertaste. My wine palate is not that well developed, but I found it to be overall exceptionally pleasant to drink, as well as being more than enjoyable throughout the entire glass. If I order from Winc again, this one will be in the box for sure.

In terms of pairings, I had this wine by itself not to mess with the flavor profiles, and thus I think it would make an excellent dessert wine, especially because it’s sweet without being heavy. Thanks to its relatively simple palette, I’d also serve it with steaks, pork roasts, darker fishes, and deserts. A glass of this and some warm cherry pie would make for an exceptionally cozy and comfortable desert that would probably put you right to bed, which is likely my plan for the rest of this bottle, once I get the chance to get to a local bakery!
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