Craft Beer Review: Stone Fear Movie Lions

Taking this series in a somewhat new direction, I’m taking a look at a beer this week. Specifically, I want to consider craft beers that you can still find in your local stores without too much effort. That way, this isn’t just some academic exercise, and you can try these out for yourself.

As usual, I’ll start with some information about the drink. From there, I’ll jump into tasting procedures, which are a little different between beer and spirits. After that, I’ll offer some of my thoughts in terms of food pairings.

This is the Stone Fear Movie Lions. Stone has been making beer since 1996, making it a fairly well-founded brewery. Since opening, they’ve had a good deal of commercial success, such that I had no trouble finding their stuff at my local liquor store. The Fear Movie Lions, a nod both to the MGM Lion as well as the fact that this beer is fairly strong, is a double IPA with more than a little haze. Expect to sip this one slow.

For craft beers, I typically taste them from a very, very clean pint glass. Pouring down the side to get a minimal head, I then give the beer a good smell before letting that head settle, when I then finally start drinking. Since this once comes in pint cans, you might have to pour twice if, like me, your pint glasses are a little too short for a full 16oz pour with room for the head.

Upon smelling the head, I got hoppy, floral notes, and not too much else. When it’s time for an IPA, this is what I’m looking for, since too many out-there flavors or even some damp undertones makes me not want to drink the beer at all.

Tasting-wise, Fear Movie Lions has a bold hop front and a finish that has just a tiny hint of some citrus. For an IPA that’s this hazy (it’ll be a cloudy orange in your glass) and has a substantial 8.5% ABV, I’m shocked at how smooth drinking it is.

If I ran a movie theater, this beer would be right on the menu. It pairs excellently with nachos, hot dogs, and popcorn. That’s why it is my go-to Sunday movie beer when I’m at home on the couch.

Hazy IPAs are not my favorite beer: lagers will likely always have my heart in the beer world. With that said, I love pairing this with exceptionally spicy foods. Between the alcohol and the relatively hop-forward flavors, Fear Movie Lions dulls the spice nicely, without interfering with the palette too much.

Unlike other IPAs, though, this one does not do well with heating up. If you sip the pint for too long, there’s as light staleness that can develop. With that said, it is beer. So, as the good lord intended, drink it nice and cold and all should be well. Overall, Stone’s Fear Movie Lions is an approachable IPA that I’ve come to quite enjoy.
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