Worlds Fastest (150MPH) Lawnmower

Tired of spending hours mowing your lawn? Honda might have the answer with their Mean Mower V2, a 200hp lawnmower that goes 0-100mph in 6.29 seconds and has a top speed of 150mph. While it may not look like a traditional lawnmower, it can still cut grass and can allegedly do so at speeds up to 50mph – just think of all the time you would save. Unfortunately, Honda is not expecting to bring it to mass market. At an estimated cost of over $120,000/mower, we can’t say we blame them.

Mean Mower Side.png

Honda UK and Team Dynamics teamed up to create this monster, a machine that started off as an unsuspecting Honda HF2622 riding mower. The chassis was custom designed and built, and the 22hp engine that comes standard with the mower was replaced with a CBR1000RR SP1 engine mated to a six speed gearbox. The exhaust is a one-off example from Scorpion and the driver sits in a custom Cobra seat. It also has ABS, paddle shifters, and even traction control.

Surprisingly enough, this isn’t the first time Honda and Team Dynamics built a 100mph+ lawnmower. Back in 2014 they took their first stab at it and created the Mean Mower (V1), a mower capable of 116mph. They held the title for worlds fastest lawnmower for a few years until being dethroned a few years later by an LS1 powered Viking T6 (133mph). Honda couldn’t stand for this, so they returned to the fight and hope the Mean Mower V2 will stay on top for years to come. Check out the video below to watch it scream down a track.

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