Most Ruined Thanksgiving Meals!

You have planned Thanksgiving for months! Invites had been sent out to family & friends. Great Aunt Gina from Alaska booked her flight. You promised Uncle Bob from Mississippi that you would have a bottle of Whiskey on hand. All the food was bought days ahead. You planned and analyzed the recipes over and over. Thanksgiving day arrived and even with all your effort, the main course, the Turkey was ruined in spectacular fashion.

Ride along as we laugh at others who had a devastating experience or maybe commiserate as you recall your own failures. :D

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Rob Lay is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at, Founder of, and Owner at Lay Properties, LLC. Rob has a B.S. from Babson College and M.B.A. from University of Dallas along with executive training from SMU. Rob has enjoyed various activities from competitive swimming in college, running several marathons, competed at triathlon nationals, competed at national club car racing, 1,000+ hour private instrument pilot, competed as a co-angler national FLW bass tour, and big game hunting around North America. Rob wants to share his experiences and learn from other middle-aged men in the ManLife Community. You can also find Rob on Instagram and LinkedIn.


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