Be Kind

I think something we haven’t really dealt with as a society, or as individuals, is that things are just different now.

A lot of people have gone through more in the past year than they had in their lives up to that point. I think, in particular, about people who are in their first years of college.

These people were kids when COVID hit. It canceled their last seasons of sports, music programs, prom, and high school graduation. Then their first full year of college was done at home when it was harder to get some space and independence.

Of course, in that kind of environment, people are a lot testier than they used to be. If we all take a little time and some effort to reflect on what we’ve all been through, then I think we will be a long way to making the world a little better and more normal.

I hope that you find some of this useful as we all try to figure out how to live in a post-COVID world.