Comfortable Shoes

Working from home, you probably have been walking a lot less than you had previously. With that said, your feet will need some time to get used to walking like you used to.

Of course, if your office has a dress code, you have to follow that. Within that dress code, at the very least avoid breaking in new shoes on the first few days back to the office.

Update Your Bag

Over the last year, has your old work bag become your new gym bag, or maybe your wide’s diaper bag? I know of one person who forgot an apple in her briefcase, which was in her office when we all got the email to abandon campus for the semester. The results were less than good.

Before you head back, it might be worth investing in a new bag to carry all of your daily essentials. Even in a professional office space, I think a backpack is a good way to go, and is usually very convenient and saves your shoulders and back.