Best Men's Underwear!

After longterm testing I believe the best men's underwear has been found!

What can beat silky smooth, durability, a "pouch', and ease of ordering online with a wide variety.


2UNDR provides all of that. ***(I am not sponsored by 2UNDR and have not even received any free product). I have worn 2UNDR for 3 years and the silky smooth feel lasted at least 2 years even though I permanent press and machine dry everything. Per their recommendation if you want the underwear to last the longest you need to cold wash delicates and air or at least delicate dry. Good news is even though I wash and dry on the worst settings, they still lasted 3 years overall.

2UNDR has a great website with a great selection of underwear and other products.

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 8.40.37 AM.png

So if you want durable silky smooth underwear that also has the great technology of a "pouch" to keep everything cool, then give 2UNDR a try.

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