Ten Bottles of Good Whiskey Under $20


We all have our favorite high-end spirits but sometimes you don’t need something expensive, you just want a drink. Or, maybe you’re going to an event hosted by someone you don’t know well and aren’t prepared to drop a day’s pay for a host gift. Enter the good whiskey, good price decision. We’ve gathered some top selections for your consideration in the four major whiskey categories : Scotch, Irish, Bourbon and Canadian. Yes, there are other types and there’s also the discussion about the correct spelling of whiskey – with or without an e? They’re not topics for today.
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Adam Ewing has worked as an Engineer for aerospace and steel manufacturers as well as a Consultant for an R&D tax credit firm. He currently works as an Implementation Consultant for a financial software company. Adam has a B.S. and an M.B.A. from the University of Alabama. His interests include traveling, cars, cooking, and triathlons. You can also find Adam on LinkedIn.


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